... stuff is injected into the aneurysm, filling it thus sealing it. Id like to know is this glue like stuff a new invention, or been in use for a good while and this is just a new application of it? Getting an angiogram June 5, 2012 to look at 1 behind my right eye. It was safely in a bone pocket, unfortunately with my optic nerve along it. The last pics seem to be showing the neck may have popped out of the pocket. If so, it is now a killer. when they 1st found these damn things, the brain stem was the 1st to fix. This other one is bigger, but would seal itself upon a blow-out. If the neck is out, it wouldn't seal itself, I'll bleed out. The surgery carries a high chance of blindness because of the proximity of the optic nerve. So, does anyone out there know anything about this procedure? Im very apprehensive of anything 'new' when it comes to my brain aneurysms. Im allergic to so much. And honestly, all that keeps going through my head is when they told women that silicone was safe. Plus I have all sorts chemical irritations/allergies. Id appreciate any feedback. Thank you, Lisa