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Cephalexin - how do you when this pill is workin?

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Stephen Treloar 11 Aug 2014

As with all antibiotics you'll know if they are working if you notice an improvement in the infection after ~2 days (for most infections). If it is getting worse and/or you are showing adverse side effects like an allergy see your doctor as soon as possible.

I've only ever used it once orally (500mg) and as a follow up to IV antibiotics for an MRSA skin infection multiple times (cellulitis). I've found it effective for this purpose; the oral only course cleared all visible signs of a very mild (less than ~20cm^2) cellulitis infection in 48 hours.

kaismama 11 Aug 2014

I'm not sure why people think there is some sign when meds are working. When you start feeling better you'll know. Believe me bacteria know when its working.

Stephen Treloar 12 Aug 2014

If there is a bacterial issue it is usually pretty obvious quite quickly but given that Doctors dispense them like candy for anything; even nothing sometimes. You can't always tell someone it's viral and will go away by itself. A lot of people feel ripped of if the go to the doctor and leave without a prescription. The Doctors hand them out; the virus clears in a few days; so the pills MUST have worked (it annoys me). Logic is lost on most people. free discount card

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