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Does cephalexin get rid of step throat. And can a 14 yr old take 500 mg every 6 hrs if it does?

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kaismama 21 Mar 2014

Yes, although he should probably do every 8 hrs and Yes, but do you have enough to last at least 7 days? How do you know its strep? He should not take antibiotics for a viral infection and he should take them if he won't have enough for a full course, because that how you create resistant bacteria. He really should see a dr for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

DzooBaby 21 Mar 2014

Strep is nothing to mess with and try to treat at home. If it is truly strep, strep can lead to scarlet fever if left untreated and scarlet fever can be fatal. There are many illnesses that can mimic strep but are not strep-this is why even doctors have to perform a strep test. If the illness is viral, antibiotics are ineffective and can lead to antibiotic resistance. You need to take the child to the doctor or urgent care center for proper diagnosis and treatment. Many places will take payments if you make arrangements ahead of time. free discount card

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