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Cephalexin - I am allergic to pensillian and I am diabetic. Can I take this drug?

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DzooBaby 8 Dec 2011

If you are allergic to penicillin then they should be cautious giving you cephalexin. There have been documented cases of cross allergies. If you take the cephalexin be on the alert for any signs of allergic reaction (rash, face, tongue swelling/ throat swelling etc) if these occur call 911. It would be best to find a different antibiotic for you rather than risk a possible cross allergy.

ade1971 8 Dec 2011

I too am diabetic and have a non-anaphylatic allergy to penicillin as well, and have been on cephalexin as well as ceftriaxon (which is an injectable cephalosporin) for diabetic ulcers and osteomyelitis and have tolerated it quite well (aside from the anti-biotic associated tummy troubles).
Bur as the answer above said, go right to the hospital if you think you have an allergic reaction especially if your breathing is affected.
Hope you fell better soon,
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