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Why has cenestin been discontinued?

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kaismama 2 Oct 2014

I'm not finding any evidence that it has been discontinued. Even so there are several brands of conjugated estrogens available.

Marilyn H 2 Oct 2014

I have been on Cenestin for 19 years with no problems. Locally, Bloomington, IN
my Kroger store said Cenestin is not available at this time. My provider has recommended Premarin. I am looking for something very compatiable with Cenestin.

certtech1994 11 Nov 2014

As of August 2014 cenestin has been discontinued by the manufacturer. However, due to shortages of the synthetic conjugated estrogen used to make the product, there was a shortage earlier this year (for my pharmacy we stopped receiving the product around April). There are however other options out there, you should probably talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you have yet to do so.

luvgshepherds 13 Nov 2014

I was just told the same thing by my doctor. I have used Cenestin .625mg for almost 20 years and the last 6 months had to change to .45mg because my pharmacy could not get .625 anymore. I hate that they have discontinued this, I have tried premarin before, bad results and estrodial, terrible results. Guess I have to start from scratch again:(

mtg 28 Nov 2014

Anyone have any suggestoins, I'm miserable. I was on cenestin 0625 along with prometrium 100 mg for last 8 years. Everything was perfect no menopause symptoms, life was terrific. Now cenestin has been discontinued by pharmaceutical company. I have tried enjuvia 625, had headaches, dizzy, nausea, blurred vision, after only two days. Then tried estrodial, now on for 3days, body has blown up ,stomach bloated look like I'm 6 months pregnant, butt big, and breast swollen was taking a 1mg and splitting in half, don't know where to turn and which drug to try next. Would appreciate any suggestions, so mad at pharmaceutical company for pulling drug !! Thano

dwestlake 31 Dec 2014

Ask them for Enjuvia. It is basically the same as Cenestin.

Elizabethjc 23 Jul 2015

I have had the exact same problem. After complete hysterectomy 10 yrs ago I started taking cenestin and prometrium without any problems. Now fatigue,belly fat, painful intercourse, loss of muscle. Other hurt therapy makes me sick. Has anyone found a replacement?
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