The affected area on my calf peeled, however it seems as though my ankle foot and cellulitis area is numb and has a deep pain like a bruise to the bone. This is very bad at night when I put my leg up and can not sleep because of this pain. Once I am up and go to work and remain in the vertical position it doesn't have such a sharp pain but rather just a sore muscle feeling. I went back to the antibiotic prescribing doctor at urgent care ,they said don't repeat the antibiotic and as long as I don't have a fever probably ok. I took antibiotics for 7 days starting August 2 it is now August 26. At night I feel like going to the emergency room but during the day it's not as bad so I don't. I do not have insurance and just trying to think it's going to be ok but I want to know if there are any common problems after antibiotics that may require further medical treatment?