My Dr said I should wear a facemask when I go out in public, but I really dnt want to do that. The Cellcepts potential side effecs scares me, however, I do wash my hands often.

I have been gone for awhile due to my pain, but now I am putting all I have into this email and don't know how long I will be online as it is excruciating to sit and type :( I no longer know what to do as I have no life whatsoever with my chronic pain? I am not depressed, but dnt want to go on living as I see no reason as my life is nothing but pain and I am not able to live like this. Maybe I will become depressed, but for now I am not so I dnt get it why I have feelings of despair? Only through my faith do I keep going... thank you for listening to me vent... peace be with you ... pamee