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I am Celiac and I would like to know if Motrin 300mg is safe fo me to take for muscle pain?

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Kayvangale 5 Aug 2015

Just like lactose intolerant folks can't drink regular milk because they are lacking an enzyme in their stomachs you to are lacking the ability ability to digest a type of protein known as Gluten. I am certain you have been schooled about your diet and watching that may significantly improve things for you. Its important to get treatment because it can lead to anemia, osteoporosis and even some type of cancers. You can't eat wheat, rye, barley or triticale you can't even drink Beer believe it or not. Its an auto immune disease and an produces an inflammatory process. Therefore, research all you can do to help your body improve itself. Your on the right track with the motrin its an anti-inflammatory medication. So thats good you are trying to help your body. Ibuprofen can be irritating to the stomach and the gut its been linked to the the term Leaky Gut Syndrome making the walls of the intestines become more permeable and toxic substances leak into the system causing an auto immune response. On the packaging of the Advils or alleges or aspirins it will say if they are gluten free because even more important than taking the right dosage they all are produced in plants on the same machines that have gluten and may medicines have gluten derivatives so make sure that you get medicine thats not cross contaminated. Since the anti inflammatory medicine ibuprofen or motrin same thing isn't great for the celiac patient talk to your doctor about prescription medication thats available thats specifically for this. free discount card

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