is this the start of aids ro renal failure for this alcoholic that wont stop drinking, He is the brightest man alive and the dumest alive killing himself. he is totally damaged by this desease and has had it since he was 8. Mother did nothing he did nothing I think his life is over real soon, teeth green bones brittle thinking like a skitzo. violent at a drop oif a hat. we divorced because I took him to rehab instead of doing it he divorced me. typical behavior then mother enbles him paying for booze street drugs and he is blistered drunk every day he is 45 and killing himself, he jumps from state to state hiding in salvation armies across the us. he goes in no one from the outside can get to him, he plays the game lives off mother and get zero help. he will never heal. it is killing me to watch him, can I put him in an induved coma to get the alohol out and heal this deasese then intense handcuffed rehab , he will get out and get high and blinded drunk that same day. what is up with the aLCOHOLLICX THAT DOESNT CARE HE IS A NARSASISITIC SOCIOPATH. MTOHER IS THE SAME IS THERE ANY WAY TO GET THIS MAN (WHO CARES ABOU ENABLING MOTHER , I DON';T) CURED TO BE AN ASSET TO MANKIND AND HAVE A NORMAL LIEF. HIS MIND SI PICKLED BEYOND HOPE IS MY THOUGHTS. THANK YOU ROHO WHAT A GAL!