On August 14, I was prescribed 10mg of citalopram. I began taking it that day. I took it for roughly a week then went off of it on my own for 3 days due to awful side effects. My anxiety increased by 100x, didn't sleep, didn't eat for 4 days, increases pulse and constant heart palpitations. I felt absolutely awful. I returned to the medication at 5mg for a few days then returned to the doctor. I went back to the doctor on August 28 and the changed my medication to sertraline 12.5 for 4 days then 25mg from then on. Today is my 6th day of Sertraline. I feel a significant improvement but I still have shakes, chills, and occasionally feel my heart beat out of control. I have also been prescribed .25mg clorazepam for panic attacks. I take it every night at bed just to help me sleep. I have had fewer panic attacks and am generally happier but still wonder when full effect of medication will happen. I also would like to know if skipping three days made the entire process start all over again, or the change of medication made the process start all over again. Any and all conversation is welcome and appreciated. I want to know I'm not alone. I also occasionally get cold chills on the left side of my body and find that sometimes it will tingle. Not go numb but just tingle. I also have a stiff upper back and I have just assumed this is from all of the tension I have held for so long. Just looking for similar experiences.