Hey I'm 17, ill be 18 un august and i at first was on buspirone for anxiety..which made me totally zombie like etc..negative thoughts it was horrible !!
My anxiety/panic is like all day everyday over nothing .
Like it comes out of nowhere and I always wake up worried If I'm gonna have a panic attack that day..like horrible obsessive thoughts..so I was prescribed celexa by the e.r and I'm scared to take it from all the scary reviews but the good reviews really have me wanting to try it out...
Any advice or oopinions??
I like to be reassured lol idk I was prescribed 10 mg. Then to 20,,
But I Want to start at 5 then to 10 etc..
Im scared to lik die if i take it lol..
I just need to hear from someone who has anxiety and panic like I do that can relate and that has taken this