Hi everyone, I have a question I hope someone out there can help me with. I was on 15mg celexa for 7 years and started weaning off around 4 months ago. I weaned to a half, then a quarter, then i spent a few days on an eigth of a pill before going completely off, all in the time span of a few months.
I noticed when going down from half to quarter for two weeks I had terrible crying spells, episodes, yelling, irritability, overwhelmed and very anxious feelings. I rode through these awful symptoms and it got better after around the two week mark.
About 5 days ago was when i went off the pills completely as I was sure one eighth of a pill wouldn't be doing much. In the last four days i've been crying nonstop at anything and everything and most distressing is that I keep getting whta i can only describe as electric shocks or tingles down both arms and sometimes a leg. My head feels fuzzy and i'm dizzy too.
The arm feelings just seem to come randomly and they scare me alot. Has anyone out there experienced this? I am scared of them and not sure if they are even linked to going off the drug but I have never experienced this before.
Could someone please help?
Thanks so much