I was diagnosed with a major depressive episode and general anxiety about 2 months ago. My doctor started me on 20 mg of Celexa. It helped a little, but it makes it incredibly hard to focus or be motivated, which is extremely problematic as I am a university student. At my one month follow up, I was still feeling the depression and my anxiety had remained unchanged, the Celexa didn't help the anxiety at all. I also told my doctor about the inability to concentrate. He upped my Celexa to 40 mg. At my 2 month follow up appointment, I reported that I was feeling happier, but my anxiety was still unchanged and I was still having a hard time focusing. He added Wellbutrin 150 mg on to the 40 mg Celexa. I've been reading about this combination, but this doesn't seem to be a typical anxiety treatment. Can someone explain if this will help with the anxiety or if I should get a second opinion?