I have been on Celexa 40mg for over two years. I went through a really bad low over two years ago, and it took a long time to get my anxiety down and my mood up. It never got to where it should be, but it got me out of my funk... kinda. My doctor retired and I was switched to a PCP that did not have psych experience. I complained about side effect from Celexa and she said it was normal and she didn't want to change my meds. I have gained 40 pounds, have NO libido, and I feel really tired and down all the time. I made an appointment with a new psychiatrist and I am going to ask about Wellbutrin. I have heard good things about it, but I am really worried about the transition. I think I have a dopamine deficiency and I need something to help boost it. Any advice from people who have done this switch? How should I go about talking to the doctor about this?