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Can celexa be used to treat my trichotillomania depression and anxiety?

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Inactive 31 Jul 2013

Dear JillG15 - as a child of age 8, I went thru a stage of literally pulling my hair out, one by one, by the root. This was 40 yrs ago and not much was known about it. After creating a very noticeable bald spot about the size of a saucer, so it was VERY noticeable on the top of my head, my mother took me to peds doc. He asked my why I was doing it and I didn't know. I was told to come back next week, and if I was still doing it, he was going to shave my head. Then, no meds, no therapy, just threats. I got to the point I only had hair on the sides, and as a young girl, other kids were cruel. Don't remember going back to doc, my parents didn't have much, but, at some point I stopped. Have to admit this is one thing NONE of my doctors have ever known about. I have no doubt it is very different in todays world. I color my hair now and have since 25yrs old as by then I was not grey headed, It was solid white. I feel quite certain the repeated pulling did something to the part that determines hair color. I have NOT tried Celexa for it, as it did stop at some point and by 21 I was very sick w/ Crohns Disease and have been on the medical merry go round for 28yrs now. I take a lot of meds for pain, anxiety, depression and maintenance drugs for other medical problems. I just had to write to you because I know how it is to pull your hair out. As a kid I went to extremes, but dont remember feeling bad in any signifigant way. As an adult, I have done this on a smaller basis, usually due to a difficult situation, but am very careful to stop at a few. Years have gone by with no pulling, and when it pops up, I am very aware of what I am doing, and can make myself stop. No more bald spots for me. I hear that Celxa is used for many things, but, would think most docs would want you to talk to a therapist to get to the root of the problem, and advise meds based on the info he gets from you. Has Celexa been offered, or are you just thinking it might help?? I'd really like to know, because we both know there is a deeper reason for doing this to ourselves. I would not know what to prescribe for you, but, since it such a sensitive matter, it seems like something a little more related to your situation would be more fitting. I've added you as a friend, if you add me, we can talk more privately. Being that I know what its like, I'd really like to speak with you. I have never met anyone who admitted to this problem. I admire your ability to recognize you need help. Please let me know how it goes. I understand. Things WILL get better, hon. Looking forward to hearing from you... Much love...

Inactive 2 Aug 2013

Dear JillG15 - Just checking in to see how you are doing. I have been thinking of you since reading your post. Would love to hear from you. I care. free discount card

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