Hello,My Dr. wnts to get me off Lorazipan (.05 mg`s 3 times a day/needed),i have been taking it for about a year and a half and really isnt working for me much anymore. She put me on Setraline a few weeks ago and on the 4th day i experienced Tenitus. Its a faint ringing in my ears right now. I stopped and saw my Dr. and she said we can try something else. Im gun shy and told her i wnt to just take lorazapam right now and see how that goes. Well,my Anxietys back in full force and she put me on Citalopram(generic for Celxa,10mgs.). Im on nite 3 and im noticing in between taking my Lorazipam to ween off of it,i get a little shaking/tremors.if you will. I have left a message for my Dr. but shes not in the office but 3 days a week. Anybody else have this problem when first starting?,does it go away,i think i should stop until i hear form my Dr... Thx,Z