I started taking 20 mg a day, about 3 weeks ago. I was bawling in the doctors office!! Within a couple days, I felt a lot better. Still easy to set off, but good. Now, I'm back to crying all the time. Wth? I feel my anxieties are way high. Losing my mind. Mood swings... I'm willing to keep trying, but I can't do this. Terrible thoughts. No bad side effects to say. Couldn't sleep before, so nothing New. I don't have a few mths to ride it out. I have kids. Any ideas? I've done zoloft for post partum. Buspar years ago. My doc is not one to listen. He literally said, "I take this so I know It'll work for you." Same guy that told me that his wife takes 4 lortab a day and is fine, so so should I. We have back issues. I went from a busy life to most days having to save my movements for my kids. I think I've always fought mild depression. But this Pain has made it unbearable.