Good morning
I have a long history with SSRIs. I get about 3-5 years out of each drug and then have to switch. I was previously on Celexa and it pooped out. I made the mistake of going to Lexapro. I say mistake because their chemical compounds are the exact same, but I guess the way they are made is different so Lex has less side effects. Well that was 3 months wasted because its not doing anything for me. I went to my psych appointment this AM and we are going to try Zoloft. Has anyone had a similar experience? Has anyone been on zoloft and loved it? Thankfully, every drug I have picked up has worked. Effexor to Paxil back to Effexor, then Celexa, 3 months with Lex and now trying Zoloft. I am doing a quick taper. I am on 20 MGs, going to 10 MGs for 3 days and then 25 MGs of Zoloft. I am hoping since its one SSRI to another that I won't have a "lapse in coverage"

Thanks everyone!