I did my research on anti depressants and found out about celexa. I saw some really good reviews about it so I convinced my dr to switch me, but when I left her office I did some more research and started to kinda regret it. From what I learned Celexa first went in the market in 1989, and for some strange reason that kinda discouraged me. I don't know why ,I guess I feel since it's old and came out in the 80's that it's not as strong and effective as medication of today. I also read somewhere that it increases seratonin and decreases dopamine which may cause a "flat effect". And THATS my problem. I suffer from severe anhedonia and experience no sense of pleasure or emotion AT ALL. Music, tv, joyful activities and even sex and food don't feel good. Iam like a walking emotionless zombie. If what I read is true, I fear that it might make my situation worse. Iam just a bit concerned I switched to the wrong medicine. Any succes stories or experiences with Celexa? Is it a good and powerful drug? Also, how long does it take to start working? (She also started me on 5mg of abilfy)