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Is celexa a good medication to start on?

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jagry1999 3 Apr 2013

It depends. Not a good answer but there are situational & personal differences. The side effects are mostly minimal (sexual in nature) & usually results are decent.

suzanne66 3 Apr 2013

What are you taking it for?
Here is a link to patients who have taken Celexa. Hope it works well for you.

WildcatVet 3 Apr 2013

Hi, miss! It's a good place to start. It works well for a lot of people with minimal side effects. But every person is different in their response to different medications, and most people need to try a couple meds to find what works best for them.
Best wishes, WCV

lizzie4 3 Apr 2013

I have been taking this for around 7 years. I was prescribed it for panic attacks and I have to say it was excellent. After around a month I was feeling , much to my surprise, so much better. In UK my doctor called it the "feel good factor' and it did just that.

I suppose I was one of the lucky ones who didn't get a lot of side effects. The weight gain was the only one, and I considered that that was a small price to pay for the way I felt.

I have recently been diagnosed with TN trigeminal neuralgia and am now taking Lyrica. Because of this I have been weaning off of celexa. I am down to half dose with no awful side effects.

Of course we are all different but it does help to hear other peoples stories.
Hope you get sorted soon. Take care

Dumpster Diver 3 Apr 2013

Dear missperales, I would personally say yes. I have taken 20mlg Celexa
every morning for about 7 years. I eat a small breakfast first. I have had no
weight gain or no other side effects. My depression has lifted! and I feel
happy and hopeful. Please give it a few weeks. **DD**

winnifer43 4 Apr 2013

I have been on celexa for 1 year and i love it free discount card

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