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Celexa good for menopause hot flashes?

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michele harvey 11 Mar 2017

I am on 40 mg Celexa for few weeks now never knew it would be for menopause or hot flash never heard of that.

Suz642 1 Sep 2017

Hello Ellie01, Your menopausal not depressed! I am presently going through the withdrawal of my HRT. Try 1. no smoking 2. no caffeine. cohosh. 4. Lose some weight. 5. Yoga & 6. acupuncture. That's the rap I've been getting and I am so hot I carry around a towel at times. Okay- I am NOT spending a lot of money on acupuncture. I have found Estrovera. It is just a dried , pill form of Rhubarb! It works as long as I am not smoking. You can get it on Amazon and also read all the reviews which do rave about it's effectiveness. I don't think I would go on Celexa. Just the knowledge that MD's are treating menopause as if it is depression kind of angers me and diminishes the real effects of menopause. Your MD is not listening perhaps? Two completely different set of symptoms but they will throw anti-depressants at it first? It's like using a blowtorch when a match would have served well enough. If you look around you will find those 6 suggestions in many places. T he Estovera does help. I am trying Estroven next. Then I am going to try Benadryl. I think I may find something. Get a haircut that looks good air dried or up in a bun or ponytail. Carry a large fan in your purse. I use bandanna's instead of a fan.They dry me off quickly and I just carry on! My hottest time of day is around 4-6 pm. Then again at 4-6 a.m. However, I can have a hot flash anytime I get a bit warm. The sweating schedule I am on is easy to plan for. LOL. Good luck and don't let sweat ruin your life. I try to focus on the fact that the sweating is a great detox. Oh, and bath or shower as often as possible. Buy some nice bubble bath so you'll enjoy your bath. A quick shower is wonderful and I am sure my friends appreciate it! free discount card

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