I am 35 year old female on Celexa 30mg for only 10 days. I have experienced the worst uncontrollable panic attacks and anxiety followed with racing heart. It's becoming unbearable. Luckily I have 0.5mg of Ativan that has helped me through these big attacks. Also fast heart rate. I was on it 6 years ago and it saved my life it definitely took time and I didn't have a lot of the same responsibilities I do now. I don't remember the panic attacks like this. I don't think I even have panic attacks mostly extreme anxiety that's why I'm on the medicine. Has anybody else experienced this? Should I give it more time and try to push through this? I just don't want to go through this I know it's not going to work. When I read the side effects on the Celexa panic attacks aren't even listed most people say they just felt tired or headache.