Took 20mgs over the course of 2 days. The first day I felt anxious and a bit short of breath like I was waiting for an acid trip to come one, or a panic attack. Also got a major "stich" in my side that I tried to chalk up to a pulled muscle from a work out a day before. The second day I took it, I felt tired and unmotivated. I ended up throwing up later that day and all through the night. My whole body was sore especially my core. I decided I was done. I haven't taken the pill since Friday. Last night, Sunday night I went to bed and noticed a large hard hive that seemed like a bug bite on my shoulder. Only, unless there was a spider on the couch there was no explination for it. This morning I woke up with another one on the opposite shoulder. Today is day 3 without taking the drug. The "stich" in my side is there, I've continued to experience some vauge nausea and had to really control myself to keep from going into depressive thoughts about how I'm feeling. Do I need to call my doctor or will this stuff go away. I'm done with this drug for my "depression" I believe I can handle this through other life changes and that's my next step but I want my body to go back to normal