I was prescribed Celebrex (200 mg daily) for joint stiffness and it was almost overnight total relief. I am 56 and had just written my constant limp and stiffness off to age and athletics. I really didn't realize how bad it had gotten since it came on over the last few and I would characterize it more as a severe stiffness rather than severe pain. The morning after first dose was like a miracle with no stiffness and much increased range of mobility in ankles, knees and lower back. So needless to say I really want the benefits. The problem was that also almost immediately I began having side effect of bronchospasm. This involved a "throat based scratchy" cough and just a little occasional wheeziness. At first I thought I just had a cold but as it persisted and even got worse I started to suspect it was related to Celebrex. After 2 months I quit using and bronchospasm gradually deceased. After about a week off of Celebrex my stiffness gradually returned. My p.a. suggested trying meloxicam which I tried for about 1 1/2 wk with no relief at all. He also suggested 100 mg celebrex which I have used with for 1 week and I would assess results at 1/2 the relief ( not quite enough) and 1/2 the bronchospasm symptoms (annoying). Would a pharmacueticaaly compounded Celebrex help? Would you expect that over time my results would change? Is this bronchospasm related to the sulfa allergy side effect related to some Celebrex use? Thanks!