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Can celabrex relieve shoulder pain even if it is bone on bone, no cartilage?

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LaurieShay 20 Feb 2013

Celebrex is for osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis where it reduces the inflammation in the joints. Bone on bone can cause arthritic changes so it is quite possible it would help alleviate the pain to some extent.

Lisa01 20 Feb 2013

As Laurie said it may help to some degree. However, if you are truly down to bone on bone, you need to explore some other options. Has your Dr discussed syn visc injections with you? In utmost simplicity, it's basically a gel-like formula that would be injected into your shoulder joint providing a barrier between the bones (much like your cartilage used to do). Perhaps a better word to use would be cushion instead of barrier. Honestly, some people are greatly helped, others, not so much. But it would definitely be an option worth exploring for you.
I truly hope you find relief for your shoulder.

endlessPred 20 Feb 2013

Hello peanut. I had recently seen a discussion about this new treatment. It is also used in the spine to provide cushion for vertebrae which have damaged discs. Since it is new, you may have to do some asking. Be sure that you find a physician that has done this many times. It is being said that it does an incredible job when it works and relieves much pain. Good luck and let us know what you pursue.

Lisa01 21 Feb 2013

Absolutely! I should have told you that I personally would be more comfortable having these injections done by an orthopedic doctor/surgeon. I had these done by my ortho surgeon in my knee prior to having a knee replacement.

endlessPred 21 Feb 2013

Excellent. I will be very curious about the results. My sister has Osteo in the spine.

edmontonlady 13 Jul 2013

Hello Peanut,
I also have bone pain but its in my wrist. I was just recently prescribed Celebrex and it seems to help. I'm not having as severe break through pain and I'm sleeping a little better too.
I'm on 60 mg... are you already taking it? What's your dose?
Hope it all works out for you,
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