This Q's for Robert_325 & anyone else with Sub-(utex)-(oxone)/Bupe. expertise-
I'm coming off of Opana & Oxy... Really really large doses too. I've been heavily dependent on both for 4+ years. During that time my longest stretch clean was 18 days, but have gone tons of 3-7 day shots in my many attempts at "kicking". I've never experienced the feeling better that's supposed to come on the other side of withdrawal. I always end up giving in due to terrible terrible full-body RLS mainly, by FAR my worst symptom. I seem to get it more severely than other people who I know who have done the whole WD thing. Once I did a 6-7 month stretch on Subutex and then went back to Opana&Oxy.
Robert I've read in on you helping people with their Sub inductions & doing great work assisting people here in this online community. From what I've read you seem to have A LOT of experience & case study work to back up your advice & opinions. Mentioning that I find it interesting that I haven't noticed many a instance where you deal with people who actually may really need to be inducted on the ceiling dose of I believe... 32mg.'s For my current & hopefully permanent triumph over painkillers. I started with 8mg Sub. Waited an hour ,and then noticing ZERO relief, I sublingualed another 8mg. An hour later noticing still ZERo relief popped 2 more, which put me at the supposed "Ceiling Dose". So a total of 3hr's into my Sub Induction I've dosed 32mg. & I literally from the complete lack of any affects could honestly not tell that I even took anything. My withdrawals were so bad I just rolled around on the floor soaking wet for 24hrs then dosed another 32mg's. Still at 32mg even on the second day there were no distinguishable affects, no relief, or lessening of my WD symptoms. Finally the Sub started to take affect after my 3rd dose of 32mg's on the 3rd consecutive day, around the 72hr mark. Once that 3rd dose kicked in I got some substantial relief finally. Since I was basically stabalized at this point I waited nearly 48 hours to dose again which I was surprisingly able to do. At that time I also cut my dose to just 4mg. So that was the 5th day & 4mg at the end of the day kept me rolling stable through now, which is over 24hrs later, & I still don't feel the need to dose at all yet. When I do have to dose, I presume tomorrow, I'll try and cut it down to 3-2mg. Then 24 hours later to 1mg or just cease it's use completely.

Have you heard many cases where a person is too bad off for even the maximum Sub. dose to remedy? I just don't understand how I could be so sick for nearly 3days straight that 32mgs of Sub couldn't even touch.
Also what kind of sense can you make of the fact that given my predicament I was still able to go from 32 down to 4mg & remain stable? How could so much not work and then a couple days later a fraction of that amount keep me stable? I know I'm not using your method and am really flying through this by the seat of my pants, but I was trying to get relief at all cost in the beginning & now Im trying to take the least amount of Sub. possible. I don't want to drag this WD timeline out uneccesarily so I'm trying to use bare minimum amount of Sub the rest of the way. Any other observations you could make about my story would be very appreciated Robert.