Hi. My daughter who is 2 years and 7 months has been on ceftriaxone for about three months along with other types of antibiotics. She's been in and out if hospital since feb. She don't walk crawl or talk. She has what looks like candidiasis on her tongue and what looks like boils on only her arms and legs. Can this drug cause this ? We are being seen by specialists and we seem to be seeing too many and we are not sure if she is on the correct antibiotics. I can tell you a lot about Tia. Please someone contact me and help our daughter who is very ill we think it's from being on antibiotics for too long after reading about the side effects. She has selmonella poisoning and it keeps returning as what we are told from our doctors. If you were to see our daughter you will understand how upsetting it is for us and how much she has been through. I do hope someone reads this and can help us. Please email me nichpgh@aol.cm.