Hi all,
I developed a toothache two days ago. I noticed I had been clenching my teeth a lot and chalked it up to that. I called about 6 dentists that are "in network" for my dental insurance. A couple were over an hour away. No one could see me until next Thursday at the earliest. I found a dentist (not covered by ins) that can see me Monday.

The pain i feel is moderate to low-severe. It's generally located in the upper right, with one tooth that seems to take the brunt of it. That tooth feels like it is taller/longer than its neighbors. I also have a pretty good/bad cross bite on that side.

It's worse upon waking and will subside for a few hours with two ibuprofens. I have little to no gum pain. On ibuprofen, it aches slightly in the back and a little around my incisors. Warm compresses help sporadically. When it aches the most I also feel a bit of pressure under the bone next to my nose. I took one Percocet last night, but it took much longer to relieve the pain than the ibuprofen.

I have self diagnosed myself to death. I guess my question is, with this myriad of symptoms - does it sound like an abscess? TMD/J? Sinus Infection?

Thanks :)