My husband developed a rash the Saturday before last and then I got it the Monday after and then our 11 month old son got it the Friday after that. It starts out looking like tiny little pimples that turn into sores after being scratch. It only itches for the first day or so and then it starts to hurt, like a sunburn all over your body. And the pimples are not close together like a normal rash. It's been 2 weeks now and it is still spreading. We have been to 2 different doctor's and had a different diagnosis with each one. The first doctor we saw (before the baby developed symptoms) said it was scabies without even really looking at it and gave us 5% permethrin cream that hasn't worked. The second doctor we saw a couple days ago said I had infentigo do to bug bites but my son and husband had something different. My son just had a heat rash and my husband's rash was due to a chemical reaction to cleaning chemicals he uses at work, even though he's worked there for over a year and has used the same cleaners since day one. We have not done/used anything new. Can you please help? We dont know what to do.