I love my declining health either do from anorexia damage or body just failing itself or combo of both. This is how I feel and tried to explain it. But it's hard to explain things and the amount of pain and types of pain.

Pain in my stomach comes sudden,sharp, stabbing pain on lower left side of stomach between belly button & hip bone. It hurts all own it's & when I press on it's extremely tender. I'm curled up in pain. Online research is scary. Every once in awhile I get pain in right side in the same spot. And then my back. I had 2 major back injuries in 2003 & 2004. it's so long ago I never let it heal all the away. My muscles and tendons are so tight. could be from the muscle spasms from one injury or the pulling & bruising of every muscle, tendon & ligament. I couldn't let them heal all the way had to be there & compete with my team in nationals for cheering. my spine feels like it's crushing in on itself hard to explain. But it's extermely painful & I just feel like I can barely move & walk. Idk if it's from the old injuries or a combo of old injuries & fact that I pass out daily on a hard floor hitting my head &landing on my back hard. Anyone have any answers or suggestions?I'm call doctor open Tuesday & she will prob blow me off. just don't want to make an er visit for no reason cause they hate me & said my conditions pre existing are to complex & chronic & they aren't equipped or have the knowledge for it. Please someone help in anyway. It's horrible back pain & spine & more pain from rib cage & lower, stomach pain left side between belly button & hip sudden sharp stabbing pain out of now were & tender to touch as well. And sometimes a little pain on right side lower stomach. And of course my nausea is out of control.