I am 32, not sexually active, not married, never been pregnant. about 10 years ago i developed pain on my right side adjacent to my navel. the pain comes and lasts for about 4-5 month, then it disappears for about 8-10 month before coming again to last for 4-5 month. Currently I developed this pain about 2 month ago. there are days when the pain is so immense and i feel nauseous. on other days the pain is bearable. i noticed the pain is worse when i need to pass a bowel movement then after emptying my bowels the pain is way less or it is completely gone, until the next time my bowels start filling up. When i press the area it is tender and sore. Each time i visit the doctor with this pain he says it is stomach acid and he gives me proton pump inhibitors but they do nothing to the pain. What could be causing the pain?