About 4 weeks ago I began having attacks beside my belly button on my right side. I feel swollen and the pain shoots to the corner of hip lower abdomen. I'm worried. I've had problems in the past with cancer, and a tumor hiding behind my stomach (bleeding internally) I was afraid and I'm worried now. I went to my family doctor.. he ordered a ultrasound and it came back normal. A full abdomen study was done. He said it may be my gall bladder, my mother who has never drank alcohol ended up with pancreatitis. Crazy cancer stuff in my family, I'm the only one left with a gall bladder out of 14 women close relatives.. sister, mother etc. I'm dealing with a lot of stuff already.. Sciatica/ my cervical damage hurting really bad and stressed to no end :(
Any info would be helpful. Other symptoms that randomly appear: feeling kinda sick to my stomach, bloated, burping, sore in center of my stomach. Sharp bending over and lifting. Thank you in advance just talking in general would help my anxiety but I took a online questionnaire about gall bladder and checked 7 out of 10 symptoms. ? My CT was just ordered hoping and praying I find out what's wrong.