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What could be causing middle of gut pain 2 weeks after e r confirmed diverticulitis +7dys ant.Bioti?

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Inactive 13 May 2016

Hi Rosy:
Unfortunately I can answer your question from my own experience. I spent yesterday in the ER for the severe pain in my lower pelvic area in front and back on right side. I had a CT scan, a round of 2 strong antibiotics, then a colonoscopy 2 weeks ago. Everything was clear, but my pain never went away. I also got an ultrasound at my ob/gyn yesterday before I went to ER.
Female parts were fine. In ER, the diagnosis was this: For some people, even though the infection is completely healed, pain can last for a long time from diverticulitis... Greeaaaat! After another CT scan and X-rays, I was given 3 prescriptions and sent home, "Give it time" they said. I was not a happy camper. I am sitting here typing this with a heating pad on my lap. Good luck and have patience! Diverticulitis is a real pain in the butt (excuse the pun). My gut pain started about 2 months ago and is yet to let up. "G" free discount card

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