Age: 60
Sex: Male
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 225
Race: Caucasian
Duration: 4 weeks
Medical issues: hypothyroidism, hyperlipidemia, ADHD, bipolar
Current medication: lovastatin, levothyroxine, lamictal, strattera
Smoking status: quit in 1997

For about four weeks my dad has been dizzy everytime he stands up and walks, issues keeping his balance to the point he’s bumping into walls and has fallen, and problems with concentration and typing.

On June 15 he had a minor car accident and crashed his car into a fire hydrant in our neighborhood. He claims he did not hit his head or lose consciousness. My mom and I took him to the ER and they did an entire stroke work up (CT scan, MRI, lipid panel, etc) and everything was negative. He got discharged the next day as the attending felt his dizziness was an inner ear issue and told my dad to consult an ENT doctor. Two visits to two different ENT doctors later, both agreed that it was a neuro issue instead.

June 29 we saw the same neurologist who ordered the stroke work up at the hospital and he reported my dad’s ANA titer was positive and the next step would be a lumbar puncture so we scheduled for July 5.

July 4 I get a call from my mom. My dad went hiking alone in the woods near our neighborhood and fell. He was lying on his back unable to get up and couldn’t explain where he was. I called my dad and he was extremely short of breath and his speech garbled. My boyfriend and I immediately got into the car and made the 40 min drive to help my mom look for him in the woods. Realizing we would never be able to find him on our own, we called the police and shortly we had several cops, EMTs and firefighters helping us look for him in the woods. After two hours of searching my dad was found walking near a stream and brought to us. He came out of the woods looking pale, sweaty and had some white foam stuck to the corners of his mouth. He was checked out in the ambulance and found his blood pressure was low and sent to a different ER than weeks prior. The small community hospital doctor ordered some lab work and stated my dad was simply dehydrated, needed fluids and sent him home.

Yesterday (July 5th) we took my dad to his scheduled lumbar puncture. After the neurologist found us in the waiting room, and stated the results would be in in two weeks so to follow up with him then, and ran off.

Does anyone have any idea what is happening to my dad? I suspected Parkinson’s initially but I am now leaning towards MS. Or could this be something as simple as issues with his blood sugars? (He is pre-diabetic)

My bigger question is do I wait two weeks for the lumbar puncture results to come back, or do I continue to take him to more doctors/second opinions while we wait?

Thanks for reading. Any advice is greatly appreciated!