I was in a car accident several years ago which totaled my car and I have been having back pain ever since. I wake up everyday with my back, my hips, and my legs hurting. Maybe once every month or two it will get really bad to where I can't sleep and am absolutely miserable for days. I will get shooting pains, tingling, or the sensation of pins and needles poking my skin that go all the way down my leg to my foot followed by numbness. I can usually suck it up for the few days it's bad but it's starting to be more frequent and worse causing me concern. I have no insurance but qualify for a state health program which I am about to enroll in. Problem is I can't get an appointment for over a month to see a dr and who knows how long it'll be before I can see a specialist and get the tests I need. I've considered going to the ER and waiting the 10 hours I would probably have to wait to be seen but I'm stubborn thinking it's not that bad (even though I find myself in tears occasionally.) Part of me is also afraid they'll term me as drug seeking and not do anything but judge me and send me on my way. I've tried every OTC med, tramadol (which I hate) flexiril, vicodin (the only thing does work on bad days) valium, xanax, massages, stretching, working out, pain patches (the kind you get at the drug store not fetanyl) torradal shots and blah blah blah. I was told a long time ago that I would probably have back pain most of my life due the shape of my spine, and because of how my hips and knees turn in. I didn't believe the dr at the time. For my situation any opinions on what the best way to go about seeing a dr and getting help is? How will they be able to tell whats wrong with me and should I be asking for certain tests? Sorry for going on and on I've been very frustrated and emotional the past few days due to dealing with the pain. I'd appreciate some suggestions