On Saturday, five days ago, I was bitten by a ferile cat. One tooth went through the top of my right index finger, another tooth went through the underside where the tendon is. I went to the hospital and received a tetnis shot. They also numbed my finger by firing off all the nerves and cleaned the wound. I went out drinking that night. The next morning it woke me up with extreme throbbing pain. The entire finger was swollen three times its size and was still numb. It also was emitting a lot of heat. I went back to the doctor and they told me it was infected. I began taking antibiotics. Now I am constantly fatigued, I have a headache that has lasted for 3 days, and I have lost my appetite. I randomly get dizzy and nauseous. I am still taking the antibiotics as scheduled. I would just like to know if these other symptoms are something to be worried about, or how I could relieve them, as they are very much affecting my day to day life.