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Cardura XL - what is painful erection or long erectionside eefect of cardura?

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18 Oct 2011

You need to go to hospital asap!! This could cause permanent damage.
Best wishes

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Rajive Goel 18 Oct 2011

Good Morning Lara, rite advice, you well?

Anonymous 18 Oct 2011

Good evening (?) RG,
I'm OK, just in a lot of pain and how are you good Sir?
Thanks for the back up on this Q, this is concerning to say the least!
Is this called 'priapism'? I may have misspelled that!!!

Anonymous 18 Oct 2011

Good morning to you both! Hope you have a nice day Lara & evening (?) Rajive.

Anonymous 18 Oct 2011

Oh Mary, I'm sooooo tired that I'm nodding off, on my keyboard, ugh.

Anonymous 18 Oct 2011

Weel, at least Email me first!!! Mary

Rajive Goel 19 Oct 2011

Hello ladies, Mary me is India & the time difference is almost 12 hours we are ahead... both Lara & Mary have a nice evening!

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