I'm in a relation with a man little over a year. Today he had doctor's appointment and when a asked him about it he told me something he keep as a secret all the time. He said he is using Carbamazepine (Tegretol) as a medicine. Lowest dose. He told me that he lost a consciousness twice when he was 16 and traveling with friends. We didn't eat at a time for more than 12 hours when this happened but all the tests (MR and others ) came out great and still are. He has diagnose R10 I think ( headaches from unknown reason) but doctor gave him the medicine and asked him to stop using after a few years. Than again he felt weak and continue with the medicine on his own. Today doctor asked him to stop using it again but my boyfriend doesn't not feel safe without medicine.

He doesn't have any other problems except headaches If he is hungry for a long time. Anyway he has all my support no matter of everything. I'm just worried how to act If he lose consciousness, it is something that one day our (future) kids might be affected and so on. He doesn't have epileptic seizures at least I haven't seen it and we spent all the time together. Should I be aware of something since I'm new to this? Just to add he is 30 years old and he has not had a problems for 8 years