I have chronic low back, pelvic, left hip and thigh pain since 2013. Undiagnosed as doctors don't know the cause. Have tried everything, nothing relieves satisfactorily- the pain is like spasms, can burn hot and feel grinding and sharp too. It wakes me up. Pain levels daily/nightly between 6-10 and feels like torture. Seriously has destroyed my entire life. I've bee applying Zostriz HP for about 6 weeks now, and the spasms still occur. I can't say this cream has done anything for me so far but I've read that with chronic pain it can take much longer to feel the pain relieving benefit as this cream works differently than a pain reliever. Should I continue or just accept defeat at the 6/7 week mark? I buy a tube of the cream each week so it's costing me $25 Australian each week - I'd be more than happy to pay even more if I knew it would work eventually, but I'm kinda using hope and because I'm not working, I don't want to waste money if it's past it's "should have worked by now" phase. Please help.