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IS CANTHACUR SAFE FOR NURSING MOMS? Does it have a bad effect on the baby?

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kaismama 4 Jul 2012

Since there has been no studies in drugs of this kind regarding pregnancy and breast feeding, the don't recomment it. I'd look at it this way, is it absolutely necessary while you're feeding the baby?

aileencantolin 4 Jul 2012

Yes, it was. Yesterday, my doctor treated my warts on my left foot and he applied this topical medication called canthacur. Afterwards, he advised me not to breastfeed my daughter for two weeks during the duration of the treatment. It is a big problem to me since my daughter has been breastfeeding since day 1, not even drinking any formula milk. Its not easy fpr me to wean her that instantly So I had no choice but to still breastfeed her. My big worries now is as to any bad effect of it to my baby. I really am hoping there's isn't any.

kaismama 4 Jul 2012

Sure would have been nice if he'd asked if you were breast feeding before he did it. Men seem to think you can just stop breastfeeding, which doesn't work for mother or child. I hope the baby is ok, I'd keep an eye on he/she. They don't know if it would be harmful or not. free discount card

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