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Cant sleep,very edgy,lots on my mind,littleist set me off?

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starynight24 3 Jun 2010

It depends on your personal sitiuation what are you coming of off? If your coming of any addictive drugs post acute withdrawl could very well be what your going through. you should check out some web sites based of PAW. Because these are symtoms of post acute withdrawl. Hope this helps

marjorie zych 3 Jun 2010

Could you possibly share a little of your situation so we could try to help you better? If you don't mind of course. Have you tried any sleeping or anxiety meds? I look forward to hearing from you again. Hope you can get some sleep tonight. Good luck

cheersrichard 3 Jun 2010

Hi i had trouble while detoxing, used a mix of antihistamines over the counter( will only last a few times so try not to use in a row) ask chemist ,i nwas suprised as i use valium and other sedating drugs daily any how. I also just got a new drug in Australia it may be were you are already 2mg and its the sleeping hormone melatonin. It is slow release and i have a strict routine were i wake up stare at the sun as much as i can to activate the normal hormones ,pull blinds open in morn and at night shower aswell have warm milk and take tablet after a small snakc and keep the time exectly the same each night but also use relaxation tape if they shit u use a 5 minite one as this creates the routine.

Inactive 3 Jun 2010

Well as far as sleep goes benadryl, DXM, or (havnt used them personally) Unisom tabs are what i would suggest. But theres more to this than just taking medicine to help it. I know this sounds drastic but you just described a manic episode of bipolar disorder. So maybe you should talk to you doc about that too

christineATU 3 Jun 2010

Can't sleep, very, edgy, little things set you off. The KEY comment was "Lots on my mind." I have a feeling that is why you can't sleep. I wish I could look at the other comments while I type, as Richard has a very good idea. Soothing relaxing music may help when you go to bed. Maybe before you try meds, try some self help techniques. This may sound silly but it has worked for me. While lying in bed, starting with your neck muscles, tighten them as much as possible, hold, then very, very slowly release the tension. Then do that same technique with your shoulders, then arms, hands, mid section, thighs, calves, feet, toes. Then reverse the order. Toes, all the way back to your neck muscles. Do this technique while listening to your fav music to keep your mind clear of the issues that are bothering you. Whether it's Michael Bolton (yuck) Lamb of God, Fear Factory, Eve 6, or Santana.

cheersrichard 14 Jun 2010

has any thing worked
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