Have used methylin on and off for 8 years for narcolepsy. Moved from IL to MI and can't find a doctor here in MI who will prescribe it...

My narcolepsy is associated with pain/pain meds. I see a pain specialist doctor for management of long-term chronic pain. In Chicago my pain Dr was perfectly comfortable prescribing this drug - as well as other stimulants such as adderall, dexedrine & other amphetimines (not together LOL - in succession)- when warranted and as necessary. In MI they will only prescribe provigil (or nuvigl).

The kicker is that my pain Dr said they would be fine with me taking this medication- but only if my regular general physician (internist) agreed and would be the one willing to prescribe it. Internist gave me same story- he doesn't want to prescibe it but fine with it if my pain doc does the prescribing. This is the 2nd pain Dr I have seen in MI - with the same results regarding un-willingness to prescribe stimulants.*

So is there some problem in MI- or perhaps just in the area I live (SE MI, suburb of Detroit)- or just these three specific doctors? Why are doctors afraid to prescribe it (and similar drugs)? Does anyone know of a Dr in this area who isn't afraid to prescribe it? Or have any other ideas or suggestions?

Isn't methylin a generic form of ritalin- or am I confused? If not- then what is it a generic for (what is the brand name of the non-generic)?

I have been rationing the last tiny bit of the med that I have; only using it for those days when I absolutely have to be able to get out of bed- out of the house- and get stuff done. The days (weeks) that I don't take any I just feel like a big fog is over my head- and it's so hard to do anything! Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. This medication has been my only life-line for feeling normal- so I'm really needing some help with this.

Thanks, Barb

*Just an FYI: I switched from one Dr to another because the 1st was the worst pain management Dr in the world; a sadist with a "God" complex who would "punish" patients who dared contradict him, complain, or ask questions.