I started taking the 20mg of adderall as prescribed, 1 pill as soon as I woke up and another 20mg at 3pm. I was up all night. So then tried 1 at bedtime and 1 in the am. Still not sleeping. Then tried both pills 40mg in the morning. Still not sleeping. Told to take both, again 40mg at bedtime. Still no sleeping. I was then prescribed 60mg in the am and 60mg 10hr after 1st pill. STILL NOT SLEEPING!!! I am in desperate need of HELP and SLEEP!!! I already take 3 prescribed sleeping pills and 4 1000mg of Valerian Root each night. Still not sleeping. Someone has to know what I can do. My doctor is like "I'm not quite sure what to do... ive never dealt with a patient reacting like this after trying so much"!! If my doctor gives up on me... what am I suppose to do then??? Please... anybody??? And also... i am feeling nothing at all, not the focus I was desperately needing, not a "high"... nothing... noda... nothing except no sleep. I have tried Provigil... i also suffer from depression. Got no results from that either. If I do find anything that works on/for me, my body always seems to adjust or whatever and the meds only work for a very short while, then no help. Which sucks because I also suffer from chronic back pain, and its very hard to deal with the pain when after the first rx, my body doesn't react to it anymore. I have no idea what to do.