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Can you take canine antibiotics?

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masso 25 Jan 2018

No and yes. The antibiotics prescribed for use on dogs and cats are almost all the same antibiotics used on humans. So, in that sense, yes. However, dosages vary enormously between species, not only in terms of mg/Kg body weight but also in absolute terms. Therefore, you can’t safely take an antibiotic designed for use on a dog because you may severely overdose or under dose the drug. It would be luck more than anything else if you were to get the right dose.

One other thing that is vitally important is that an animal or a human prescribed antibiotics must complete the course, even if the symptoms no longer show significantly before the end of the medication. Do not take prescription drugs prescribed for an animal or another person, ever.

ZettaB123 25 Jan 2018

Thanks for the information. I accidentally gave a friend of mine two amoxicillin 250 and then later realized that they had been prescribed for the dog. He said it messed up his stomach pretty bad, are there any other side effects he may encounter?? free discount card

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