... a newly fractured wrist from one of her seizures. Right now she is stable. They have her sedated. She has not relapsed back into the coma, she is just sleeping. The doctors are still refusing pain meds. At first I didn't know why. But now I understand. First off, the coma damaged her kidneys. She will need a transplant. And secondly, she is pregnant. Now you can imagine my shock when hearing this because it was just a few days ago that they informed us that children were not possible. She is two months along. I do not understand how they missed this. She has been in this hospital for two weeks now and they are just now finding out that she is pregnant. I don't know where I'm taking her yet, but I am getting her out of this hospital. They are all good people, but I think they are over their heads with Melissa and don't know what to do for her anymore. So now I have to worry about not only losing my wife, but my child too. They sedated her very early this morning. She should be waking up sometime soon. She does not know yet that she is pregnant. I was so afraid last night. I really thought I was going to lose her. So again I do apologize for not responding sooner. I love messaging all of you and I will continue to answer all of your comments and questions. I love you all. -adam