... then off for 21! I started back obn it this tues and had to stay in the bathroom with a little pain if had to, Called doctlrs office, pumped mu upwith 3 huge bags of saline, gave me meds for the pre sesure aura I was having and went home, I called my regurlar onconlogist and he made me come in and get 3 more yesterday for the wayer bags, but added avastan and some other some other drug. I again have to be ther at 1100 this morning. I have not had an kind of probelm like thid with this drugn before??

He said body my not be tolerating it due to nthe fact I have on it for so li
ong, he is hoping by doind thiis, I can get through the next few rounds. Any great ideas on how not to feel like a run over frog on the road?