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I am in canada and mucinex is not available here. Is guaifenesin is available here ?

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Inactive 14 Nov 2012

Hello carryon. Available here meaning the United States? If so yes it is. Regards pledge

Inactive 14 Nov 2012

I actually have a question for you carryon. You listed fibromyalgia , & I am wondering if this is what you are trying on your own or has a doctor ordered it for your fibromyalgia? There has been a lot of discussion about whether mucinex helps fibromyalgia on this site. I have never heard of it being successful for a treatment for fibro. I even became a guinea pig for about 2 months as I also have fibromyalgia, & it did not seems to help me at all. That's not to say it won't help you, & if you try this & it works, could you please send us a note & let us know the results if this is what you are trying to do. Much appreciated, & best wishes to you...

Inactive 14 Nov 2012

I actually found this on wikipedia. You should go there to see if it's available in Canada. It could go undera different name there too... Mary

Treatment of fibromyalgia

Because of its uricosuric effect, guaifenesin was chosen in the 1990s for the experimental guaifenesin protocol – a treatment for fibromyalgia. Proponents of the guaifenesin protocol believe that it treats fibromyalgia by removing excess phosphate from the body. However, a consumer alert on the Fibromyalgia Network's website[10] states that Dr. St. Amand's claims of guaifenesin's effects on fibromyalgia are groundless, and cites double-blind research by Robert Bennett, M.D., which found no significant differences between guaifenesin and a placebo in terms of any effect on fibromyalgia or its markers.[11] Of note, the study by Bennett was completed in 1995.

carryon 14 Nov 2012

I am under a doctor's care - several to be exact. Going on this treatment plan is a last resort for me. This protocol must be followed religiously and there are many levels to it. You have to give it longer than 2 months. The way I understand it is that for the beginning the flares are terrible as you detox and as your body adjusts and you have to adjust the dosage according to your body's needs.

I have been diagnosed with fibro and cfs as well as osteoarthritis,psioriatic arthritis and a bone marrow cancer. I have tried nsaids, antidepressants, otc, massage therapy, accupunture and narcotics which have helped at the beginning and then stopped as my body adjusted to them. I am at the point of no return. The flares are getting worse. I can't do laundry, can't cook or clean or do any of my day to day activities. I have extreme fibrofog - can't concentrate lose my train of thought get confused and cannot remember what I was saying.

kaismama 14 Nov 2012

Everyone I know that tried that for fibro did not keep up because it didn't work after a long trial period. Have you checked for a prescription quinefasin?

antbailey75 20 Mar 2013

Gusifenesin is the ingrediant in Mucinex. It breaks up the mucus in your chest to make your cough ptoductive. That way you can cough up the mucus and spit it out, rid your body of it. free discount card

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