Hi, I have been taking Zoloft for about two months. I started at 25mg, then 50mg, then after two weeks 75mg and then after a week 100mg. I've been on 100mg for a week. At first, the Zoloft seemed to be helping me. I will have a few days where my anxiety is low and my moods are even. Then, out of the blue, I will become really angry and irritable, anxious and depressed. Yesterday, I felt pretty good and then all of a sudden I became so fearful and really down. Then, after about four hours, my mood lifted a lot and I felt good again. It is weird having these ups and downs. I don't know if this is normal for Zoloft in the beginning. Is this my mind's way of adjusting to the medication? I start to think the drug is helping me and then I have a severe mood swing. I really hope the Zoloft will decrease my negative thoughts and calm me down. Please let me know what you think.