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Can you ween yourself off of percocet by taking smaller doses?

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Inactive 1 Oct 2011

You can if you have strong will power and I hate to volunteer someone else, but LaurieShay is good at helping people with opiate tapers, she has listed tapers on here before and she would be a good person to ask,

lliber 1 Oct 2011

thank you i am doing ok so far i am not having the bad withdraw just cravings
and it has been 48 hrs

Inactive 1 Oct 2011

It would help to know the dosage, & how long you have been taking them. Also was this for recreational or a pain problem to begin with...

lliber 1 Oct 2011

2 years for back pain and it has 48 hours since i have gone cold turkey
I tapered down from 6 to 8 tabs a day 325mg to 2 and then 1 and now none

Inactive 1 Oct 2011

Did you do this slowly or down one each day? Usually you need to stay on a dose for about 5 days then drop down 1 or 1/2 go another 5 days etc... If you do it too quickly, you may not be feeling so good tomorrow, day 3, but we will keep our fingers crossed & say a prayer for you. Usually the 3rd day hits me when ever I have to stop my meds for a test or something. I wish you the best, & let us know how tomorrow is, please...

lliber 2 Oct 2011

I am cranky and i am sick with a cold but to answer your question yes i have been slowly taking less but this week wnt down to 2 then one and now none.
i am glad to have someone to talk to about this since my family does not know
about the struggle i am having. thanks so much for your reply

Inactive 2 Oct 2011

You are welcome. I hope you get to feeling better. Keep usup to date... Mary free discount card

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