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Can you take Tramadol if you are on court ordered color code?

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annhance 8 Mar 2011

Your probation officer should be aware of the tramadol and the reason for your needing it. Unless you have a way of finding out exactly which drugs they screen for you have no way of knowing if it will be picked up. My son is on court ordered color code but is still allowed to take drugs prescribed to him by the doctor. I'm sure this also varies between states and counties too. Good luck!

mustangsal2p 9 Mar 2011

Tramadol shows up on your UA. Any thing not on your list of ok meds that is found on your UA or blood test will get you in trouble. It is still up in the air as to weather or not considering Tramadol as a narcotic. Lots of Drs. will prescribe this for4 people trying to ween off narcotics in pain med form. Its supposed to take the edge off. It actually does help alot. Which is wierd because my vet prescribes it for my poodle for her hip pain, even the same mil. You can ask your prescriber to notify the judge that this is a prescribed drug to you and it is neccesary for you to use for what ever reason you're taking it. Do NOT let it show up on your tests without doing that because then they will add it to your ok list. Other wise you'll have to start all over on your Ct. Order. free discount card

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